FootballTeam Communications


This year the Sandringham soccer club is reshaping the way we interact with our members. As such the following communication options are explained below. 


Teamstufffor Teams 

Sandringham SC is introducing Teamstuff to all teams as the club’s team management app. It will be the primary way we communicate in-season football messages.  

  • Our coaches use it to plan their training session based upon the number of confirmed attendees  
  • Our team managers and coaches use it to plan team sheets for matches based upon the number of confirmed players each weekend  
  • Our Football department/ coordinators use it so that they can:  
  • Work out how match day player numbers look across the club  
  • Keep track of attendance levels for players in selected squads  

Our Team Managers use it: 

  • As a repository of parent and emergency contact phone numbers  
  • To set match day duties  
  • Add any miscellaneous payments for a gift or a tournament entry  
  • Use one “magic email” to send out communications to the whole team  
  • To send last-minute cancellation or other notifications  

Parents use it to:  

  • Mark attendance and leave a comment explaining an absence  
  • Check training and match times and location  
  • Receive notifications when they have match day duties  
  • Receive last minute notifications of cancellations or location changes etc.  
  • Refresh their memory on our club policies and procedures as most are linked on Teamstuff  

Given this, we ask parents or guardians to:  

Ensure you are signed up to Teamstuff, by downloading the app (iPhone or Android) and accepting the invite sent by the club, coach or team manager.  

  • Go into their child’s profile on Teamstuff and  
  • Ensure you have added TWO phone numbers to Teamstuff (both parents or one parent and an emergency contact) under the phone icon  
  • Ensure you have added any pertinent medical information for your son/daughter (under the cross icon) such as asthma or allergies  
  • Keep Teamstuff training and match attendance up to date at all times. Please add a comment explaining an absence. If you need to withdraw your son/daughter from training or a match at the last minute, please mark that on Teamstuff AND text your Team Manager  
  • Ensure you have set the Teamstuff Notifications so that you receive notifications quickly. For example, if a session is cancelled or the location is changed, then Team Managers will send a notification via Teamstuff. If you do not have your notifications set up adequately then you may turn up to find you are the only one there!  

Please note if you are unfamiliar with Teamstuff the club will be providing training as part of the team manager induction.  


Teamstufffor the Club 

If you are already on Teamstuff, managers or coaches will be invited to the Sandringham SCClubs.Teamstuffplease accept this invite.  

From a club perspective, this allows us to:  

  • Streamline communication  
  • Push out all standard policies  
  • Brand messages with sponsors logos  
  • Establish Net Promoter Score baseline (member satisfaction measure)  
  • View real-time scheduling of all training and games  
  • Disseminate club results 

From a team perspective, it will allow you to interact with the club and see scores for other teams as they are posted, have contacts for any team at Sandringham, view club messages 


The club also recommends the use of WhatsApp for inter-team communication.  

It is real-time and allows for immediate two-way responses or collaborative input.  

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