ClubSocial Media Guidelines for Club Managed Social Media Groups


The Sandringham SC – Juniors acknowledges that social media offers the opportunity for people to gather in online communities with a shared interest, and recognizes that Social Media is now an integral way of communication by many people who are members of the club or associated with the club in a positive and enriching manner.

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide some clarity around the usage of Facebook groups, WhatsApp, Team Apps or any other electronic means established for communication with and by players, parents, and supporters.
It is important to note, that the Sandringham SC  is bound by child safety regulations, and any content relating to underage children must be appropriate, consensual, and respectful.

Guiding principles.
 All age groups or teams seeking to establish a Sandringham SC group or group that consists of football clubs families associated with a team, in any of the formats listed above must advise the Sandringham SC Committee and provide details of who is administering it.
 Guiding Principles are to be displayed for all members to see.
 All groups are to be closed groups.
 All groups are to be managed by an adult. That is the Coach or team manager.
 Invitations to join the group are limited to players, parents/guardians, and a member of the Sandringham SC.
 Permission must be sought to share images.
 All commentary and content must be respectful, appropriate, and considerate to all members of the group and club.
 The administrator reserves the right to remove any inappropriate commentary or content and advise the person accordingly.
 Further transgressions of social media guidelines may be escalated to the Committee.
 The Sandringham SC Committee in its absolute discretion may ask for a group to be shut down immediately with reasonable cause.
 Inappropriate use of these groups is in direct contravention of our Code of Conduct.

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